Why we're different

We’re a community focused on helping others achieve success on many levels

We believe by working together as a team, we will all improve our trading skills. And this will only help all of us collectively, in several areas. We are fortunate to have learned very unique currency trading strategies, that we feel is important to share with the community!

  • Potential to earn part-time or full-time income working from home
  • Learn to become successful regardless of your background
  • Learn to trade alongside the Big Banks
  • Master the concept of Supply & Demand

Learn Forex Strategies to Master Trading Skills

You will learn unique techniques such as the Swap Bomb, Double Dip, Smackdown/ups, and bail-out techniques.

Specialized Forex Tools That Has Helped Us Earn Faster

Some of our Forex Freaks are also coders. Think about the power in being a trader, as well as a coder. We develop our own indicators, EA’s, and a variety of freak bots!

Live Trading Streams

Executing a trade entry/exit at the right time is crucial to your success. This is one of the most valuable pieces of the Forex Freaks’ community! #freaknation

Instant Price Alerts

We do not use demo accounts to flash bulls**t trading results for hyping anyone up! We only use live accounts to share results, both wins & losses. You will learn by watching live forex trading streams regularly!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

– Benjamin Franklin –


Bryan L.

The Sandman, Freak Trader
Discord: @Bryan#4268

Spyke M.

The Spaz, Freak Trader, MAM Operator, Coder
Discord: @Deadpool#4229

Dave J.

The Brit, Freak Trader, Lead Coder
Discord: @CryptoLover#6396

Our results are the proof!

– Forex Freaks –


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