Who are Forex Freaks?

Bryan – The sandman, Spyke – The spaz, Dave – The Brit. We are Forex Freaks. Spyke and Bryan both have been trading forex for some time and have been successful enough to start Forex Freaks to share their knowledge. Dave has been working with Spyke on many aspects of crypto technology, programming software and now MQL4 EAs and Indicators. Bryan is the man for social media and marketing and uses his skills to shine to the masses.

What makes us different?

Forex Freaks isn’t just a black and white trading site. We strive to be different by including new technology and gaming. Trading is great, but cannot be your whole life. FOREX Freaks trades hard and plays hard.

Why should I choose Forex Freaks?

If you are wanting to learn about forex trading, new or old… If you have tried and failed before with forex… If you have been stuck in a rut in forex and need a new tactic.. FOREX Freaks is for you.

What kind of returns can I expect?

That is a question you need to ask yourself. Another question is how much risk you want to take, how much time do you have to dedicate, how much do you have to invest. . . there is no easy answer here as it is not a one-size fits all solution.

Will I get rich fast?

If you’re asking this, you may want to consider lottery tickets. Get rich fast is what we all want but will never get outside of chance.

Will I ever lose money?

Of course you can. Investment comes with a risk of gain as well as a risk of loss. Get greedy = Get broke. Picking a strategy is great, fitting it into your schedule is a whole other story. If you are unsure, ask. If you think it is getting risky, don’t do it. They offer free demo accounts you can go wild in and test your strategies first.

What is included by signing up?

Access to Premium Channels, Access to higher activity channels, Access to various education material, Access to exclusive indicators/bots, and invitations to testing new indicators/bots under development.

What games do you play?

Fortnite (STW), Halo, Minecraft, State of Decay 2, Fallout 76, Dauntless. . . co-op multiplayer? Yes please. We are traders and although we love to game and have fun, it is not required to be a gamer as a Forex Freak.

Why do you have forex freaks if you are successful at trading?

Why not? In addition to wanting to share our trading experiences with you, we also get more motivated by your participation. 

Do you make your own custom indicators?

Working on it, but yes. We hate premade things, nothing is ever good enough and can always be improved so might as well make our own.

Why do we make our own custom bots and what are they used for?

EAs we make to catch some pips while we catch some zzz’s. Crypto tipping robots to be able to give out crypto and accept crypto through social media. News robots to make sure we can get what news we want without having to always be there.

How much do I need to start trading?

Anything less than 1000$ is going to be boring, honestly. Think of every 0.01 lot size trade as a $100 bill… so 1000 is 10 trades (this is a general rule of thumb… margin, leverage and pairs matter) if you fill up all 10 trades then you just sit there… if you have 200$ that is 2 trades…

Do you offer cancellations and refunds?

Contact us with any problems. We will do refunds/cancellations on a case by case basis.

Do you provide live support?

Yes. Discord; we have a private community set up which is unlike anywhere else. CHECK IT OUT